Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Multimeter AC DC Volt Tester Clamp Meter G08 Drop ship

rogowski, Digital AC Current Clamp Meter 2000 Counts Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Resistance Meter Tester Current Voltage Tester Test Probe, Wholesale 690v 1000a

N 970

2 x 1.5v aaa battery ( not included ). -10c to 50c at 85% max.. Dc voltmeter 400. 0.01-200ohm. 1.5kg. 68mm*245mm*40mm. Clamp electric current. Automatic polarity display. 1108g. 400ohm/4kohm/40kohm/400kohm/4mohm+-(0.8%+3)  40mohm+-(1.2%+3). 20v-600v. Earth ground meter. 22*8.2*3.2cm. 100khz. 175*60*28. 

Clamp Multimeter Dc Current Free

M9912. Meters count. Use2: 2.2kg. Wholesale inductiviti meter. Oscilloscope. Size 200mm. Etcr2100. 230x68x37mm. 600ua/1000ua. -40~1000 centigrade. Pet iii. Connecting test. Ut281a. Ac 0ma~1200a. 

30a 60v

Dc clamp meter. 150 x 70 x 30mm. Less than 30 ohm. Multimetro auto range. 205*60*22mm. Protect fire. 0.00ma~300a +/-(1.5%+3); 300a~1200a +/-(2%+3). 60nf/600nf/6uf/60uf/600uf/6mf/60mf. 200 m / 2/20/200/600 v + - 0.8%. 155w*98h*47dmm. 235x96x46mm. 

Wholesale Contec 6000

400mv/4v/40v/400v/750v/1000v. Rg11 coaxial. Victor vc921 multimeter. 1 x clamp meter, 1 xcarry bag, 1 x  set of test leads. Toploader 50. Ac voltage: Guide size. 50nf-100uf. 2kohm/200kohm/2mohm. 400mv~750v. Temperature test range: Urijk. 

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