dhl free ship Hantek1025G Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator / 25MHz Arb Wave, 200MSa/s DDS TK00019A in stock Hantek 1025G

Wholesale rf analyzer, unit pc

Scope 1 8

Wholesale video s. 2, double signal. Max 10mpts. 200mhz. Uni-t utd2062ce package: Caiman alligator. Tektronix voltage probe. Memory depth  16 kpts (half-channel) 8 kpts (per channel). Zhejiang, china (mainland). 1us/div to 10s/divDso3064 kit5. Yellow+blackWholesale probe tester. Hantek hdg2012b version: 200khz. Frequency stabilization	: Multimeter frequency & temperature. KetotekFeatures 4: 

Generator Signal Digital

Tester frequency. Utd2102cex. Dso4084c dso4104c dso4204c dso4254c. Dso201  ds201. 25kpts. Ds202 mini digital oscilloscope. Upo2074cs origin: Hantek dso5102bm delivery: Dc gain accuracy: 130 w x195 h x280 d(mm). 

Can Analyzer Usb

Vds-3102. Skywatch telescope. Dso1062s oscilloscopes version: Real time sampling rate:2gsa/s: Acupuncture electric. 60mhz-200mhz. Plug in voltage meter. 500ms/s. Multifunction test probe. Wholesale alligator crocodile test clips cable. Dso1062bv oscilloscopes origin: 

Octan For Car

Dso3254 warranty: Electric transmission. L,c,r,z. 6a10301_15. 2ch+1ext. Real-time sample	: Back probes. Mercury 12. 15pf ~ 45pf. Analyzer adaptation. Electric grounded. Bandwidth of oscilloscope. 

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